Pakistan Air Force created history on March 30, 2006 when four females: Saba Khan, Nadia Gul, Mariam Khalil and Saira Batool received their flying wings after three and a half years of intensive training, breaking into an all-male bastion of Pakistan’s armed forces. Indeed it was a red-letter day for feminists all over the world. Both the national and the international media gave extensive coverage to the event. Even the recipient of the coveted “Sword of Honour” got ignored in the melee. Nearly all the National dailies carried on their front-page the coloured pictures of the newly commissioned female pilots in their flying regalia occupying the cockpit of a T-37 jet trainer at the PAF Academy. At least four of the five leading English newspapers carried editorials, lauding the achievement.


  • toraganam on January 18, 2012


  • realmedical on January 18, 2012

    in 1967 and 1973 Pakistani pilots shot down many israeli jet fighters without any loss.Pakistani pilots were flying syrian jordan and iraqi jet fighters.Pakistan always had air superiority against india and israel.
    long live air commodore ABDUL SATTAR ALVE who shot down three israeli mirages by flying a syrian mig.

  • alihunzai on January 18, 2012

    being a pilot i can realise the tasks involve in this job. I am realy pround of all these girls. May Allah bless them. today its a day of joy and happiness to see them on youtube.Please keep posting things that will make us feel proud of being Pakistani and being muslm.

  • desikuti on January 18, 2012

    Go back to your so called history book. The Prophet’s wives took were extremely active in society and in helping the wounded in battle. Hazrat Ayesha even went as far as to take an active part in battle and she is one of the greatest scholars of Islam to have related the most Hadith so dont try to say that she didnt know anything because she was a great authority on the religion in her time.

  • aerosoms on January 18, 2012

    am an Indian , and its nice to see the pakistan a conservative muslims nation has a women pilot ,, i hope all muslim country should promote such initiatives regardless of islam

  • WinchesterRanger on January 19, 2012

    With the exception of Hanna Reitsch, and in my experience, women pilots are never better than mediocre. That’s tolerable in civilian flying, but not good enough for military aviation.

  • Engior on January 19, 2012

    Great, this is the way to go. Proud of them all. We hope more women will follow

  • capricornforever on January 19, 2012

    very nice…we here in the U.S. are proud of these pakistani women

  • pakmujahideen on January 19, 2012

    nuclear bomb ab mujahideen ke hath me aa chuke hain,ab hindustaan kuch mahine ka mehmaan hai!!!

  • TopazDADnAash on January 19, 2012

    You are a real PEACE loving Muslim.
    You religion sure is rligion of Peace!! go brother go.

  • drbilla on January 19, 2012

    Educating the women of Pakistan is the way forward. Us, men have abused the patriarchal ways of our society for too long to subjugate our women. They are humans too, with aspirations of a career, independent life & most of all the life of a Human. Let us, as a society get rid of degrading practices such as vatta satta, vani, etc.

  • drbilla on January 19, 2012

    Lets ask Nehru’s soul who set the tone by sleeping with Mountbatten’s wife! Truth hurts? Then extend the same respect to others that which you would want for yourself!

  • drbilla on January 19, 2012

    Oh shut your crass you extremist fart! The wives of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) were active in public life, went outside the confines of their house to go about their duties of serving the community. Islam DOES NOT prohibit women frm taking active role in a society. Its medieval mullahs such as yourself who are stuck in tribal mindsets; GROW out of it!

  • farazf7 on January 19, 2012

    i like this viedo very much but how can i dowload it.

  • BrunelUK on January 19, 2012

    This is totally unislamic,No single event when women took active part in jihad in front lines, but bushraff and these burger families will turn around pak into napak country soon, Oh Allah Bless mujahideens fatah to bring islamic revolution and cut head of these murtadins

  • Rapeattack on January 19, 2012

    Your airforce will become much better with more women in the seats. Your rigid ways of thinking (men) only make progress harder in an aerial battlefield environment who continualy changes towards netcentric warfare demanding more than one thing kept in mind at the same time!!!!

  • AusPakMan on January 19, 2012

    As we can see the respect given to a naked women at night clubs in your countries. Thats what your culture is and thats what you people call respect. I think this should be enough for all non-muslims.

  • indiaknight on January 19, 2012

    Are they musharaff’s concubines or not ?

  • iloveanimalsok on January 19, 2012

    it is amazing how women are now earning respect from men. This shows proof. I wish western society would be more respectful to women.

  • safak555 on January 19, 2012

    Selam to Pakistan brothers from Turkiye.

  • atifzmn on January 19, 2012

    trust me in Pakistan women is mor e comfortable and respected as compared to western socitey.When she is daughter she is loved by her parents and brothers,when she grew up her husband is responsible for all its necessities and when get old she is really proud of her sons.While in the other socities women start working from 16 to 70 what they get only a house not home

  • ednan9 on January 19, 2012

    what bullshit from this briish lady…she is portaying as a hardcore fundamentalist country…women have been working in pakistan for the longest time…my own mother was a teacher and my aunt was a managing director….just hate this propaganda ..i great to see women in the airforce..after all they are half the force of pakistan

  • 53537 on January 19, 2012

    jeeti rahoo pakistan zinda baad P A F IS THE BEST

  • syedathermasood on January 19, 2012

    Damn they always give negative image of Islam…. AHH!

  • syzws on January 19, 2012

    She is attractive.

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